Design & build Completed by whispering pines

This urban oasis was designed to meet all the outdoor wishes of our clients, while accounting for the unique challenges of a corner lot. Our team carefully planned and installed an innovative ICF pool with built-in pool cover, accompanied by a cedar sauna. Adjacent to the pool is a small lounging area, perfect for relaxation, and a designated space for potted tomatoes. A few steps up, a dining area shaded by pergola were strategically placed near the house for easy access. Alongside, a comfortable seating area with a fire table provides a cozy spot to unwind after a busy day. We also prioritized the happiness of the four-legged friends by incorporating a patch of lawn. Taking advantage of the existing beautiful birch trees, we seamlessly integrated them into the overall design. Lastly, a bubbling rock feature was added to enhance the ambiance, creating a tranquil oasis for their enjoyment.

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